Operating a large business, industrial facility, entertainment venue, hospitality establishment or commercial building in Fremantle demands advanced plumbing infrastructure and specialist technicians to install and maintain complex internal water, drainage, gas and fire protection networks. This comprehensive guide from The Plumbing and Gas Heroes outlines our full suite of commercial plumbing capabilities from preliminary consultations through to ongoing maintenance and 24/7 emergency repairs. Discover why our broad expertise, advanced licensing, specialty equipment, and 20+ years of experience makes us Fremantle’s trusted provider choice for commercial plumbing projects big and small. 


What is Commercial Plumbing?

Commercial plumbing involves installing and sustaining expansive utilities within large-scale non-residential establishments where standard residential plumbers lack the necessary qualifications to manage the risks, intricacy, and workloads. Our teams of licensed specialists undergo rigorous accredited training in advanced building codes, fire safety standards, hydraulic calculations, hazardous materials handling, project management, and more to earn certification credentials like Category 5-7 licenses.


With our broad capabilities and specialty commercial-grade gear, The Plumbing and Gas Heroes competently handles complete in-house water, drainage, gas, and fire protection networks from preliminary consultations through to ongoing maintenance and 24/7 emergency repairs – capabilities well exceeding regular plumbers. We help businesses and facilities operate safely and efficiently. 

Why Fremantle Commercial Settings Necessitate Specialist Plumbers 

Sizable commercial plumbing projects carry far greater legal, safety, and financial risks compared to residential properties. Just one failed inspection can indefinitely delay construction or renovations. Our licensed commercial plumbers mitigate such issues with a comprehensive understanding of legal regulations, compliance documentation, testing procedures, materials, calculations, and workmanship expectations. Our full-scope competencies also enable seamlessly integrating complex plumbing systems with other critical building infrastructure like electrics, air conditioning ductwork, fire alarms, and more. 

 Essentially our certified technicians ensure your project finishes on-time and on-budget. We intimately understand the bottlenecks causing setbacks and exercise the advanced technical skills to circumvent problems.

Services Offered by The Plumbing and Gas Heroes

As Fremantle’s leading commercial plumbing contractor for over 20 years and counting, our qualified teams offer full-scope design, installation, maintenance and emergency repair services including:

Specialized Commercial Plumbing Systems

– Greywater Harvesting Networks – Our licensed plumbers create large-scale rainwater catchment and filtration systems to sustainably reuse water for flushing toilets, irrigation, vehicle washing or industrial cleaning.

– Backflow Prevention Infrastructure – Our certified technicians select, size, document and connect approved backflow prevention valves into water lines supplying commercial facilities to prohibit cross-contamination entering public supply networks.

– Natural Gas Reticulation Systems – For industrial sites using significant volumes of natural gas, our experienced teams create internal reticulation pipework with safety features to maintain optimal flows and pressures.

Why Proper Plumbing Matters in Commercial Settings   

Within environments where business productivity, legal codes compliance, workplace safety and public health rely on properly functioning plumbing and gas networks, facility executives must hire certified contractors from thorough evaluations of credentials, licenses, equipment, experience and management methodologies. Attempting commercial-scale projects with underskilled standard plumbers proves extremely risky. 

The elevated expertise our commercial plumbers hold allows organizations like yours to stay focused on daily operations assured in-house utility infrastructure will perform reliably 24/7 thanks to our preventative maintenance and rapid response emergency/repair services in the background. We become an extension of your facilities management team.

Best Practices for Hiring Fremantle Commercial Plumbers 

Follow these tips when selecting specialists for your next commercial plumbing project:

By partnering with time-tested Fremantle commercial plumbing companies like The Plumbing and Gas Heroes for necessary upgrades and preventative maintenance today, facility managers proactively avoid failures tomorrow to ensure seamless daily plumbing functionality building-wide.  

Common Commercial Plumbing Emergency Callouts

Even the most robust commercial plumbing networks suffers unexpected failures over months or years of use. Our technicians mitigate operational disruptions with preventative maintenance programs maximizing lifespan along with rapid around-the-clock emergency repairs when trouble strikes. 

Common callouts we promptly respond to include:

With specialized equipment, skills and emergency workforce resources, we quickly resolve plumbing disasters at any hour minimising property damage and restoration costs.

Specialized Drainage Services

– Pipeline Condition Assessments – Our teams thoroughly inspect drained and live pipelines up to 600mm diameter using CCTV cameras on tractors to identify subsurface faults and inform strategic repair priorities. 

– Pipe Relining – Where pipelines remain structurally intact, we deploy trenchless pipe relining techniques to internally rehabilitate pipes avoiding expensive dredging. Epoxy resin linings are pumped through to coat damaged surfaces essentially creating new conduits underground.

– Hydrojetting & Desilting – High-powered water jet drain cleaning removes years of built-up sludge and debris restoring full airflow. We evacuate solid waste and dispatch desilting units to prevent ongoing blockages.  

– Pump Stations – We construct packaged pump stations to transfer effluent uphill where gravity drainage proves impossible. This allows positioning amenities like toilets and kitchens conveniently rather than centralizing on lower home run levels.   

Safety-Focused Work Practices

Adhering to strict safety protocols, our licensed technicians undergo regular training and assessments to:

By investing in The Plumbing and Gas Heroes for necessary upgrades and preventative maintenance today, Fremantle managers proactively avoid utility network disruptions tomorrow to ensure seamless daily plumbing operations 24/7. Contact our friendly team for an obligation-free quote tailored to your specific commercial requirements.


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