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Solar Hot Water System Perth

You’ve heard of solar panels for electricity. But did you know that a solar hot water system can be an excellent way to environmentally heat your home’s drinking and cooking waters? Not only does it reduce annual energy bills by up to 40%, but also reduces greenhouse gas emissions – all while investing into the future with its extremely low emission rate (which means lower costs).

Get your system installed with our professional Solar Hot Water System service team in Perth today.

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Electric Hot Water Systems Installation Perth

The electric hot water system heater is an affordable and versatile option when purchasing a hot water system for your home. Electric hot water units come in a variety of sizes and are either a traditional standing electric hot water storage tank or smaller more energy efficient continuous flow system. 

The Plumbing and Gas Heroes can help you choose the right electric hot water system for your household needs and also service and repair your existing electric hot water system. 

If you are having issues or need an electric hot water system installed in Perth today, get in contact with us.

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Gas Hot Water System Perth

There are two types of gas hot water systems, The gas storage and instant (continuous) gas hot water systems. 

Gas storage is one of the most popular hot water systems in Australia. It consists of a tank made from either stainless steel or vitreous enamel, which has a burner underneath that heats the water keeping your home’s taps running smoothly at all times with no fluctuations in pressure! 

Instant gas, sometimes also known as continuous flow hot water systems do not have a tank storing hot water, operate at a lower pressure than gas storage and only heat water when required. We recommend installing this type of hot water system either in a smaller home/apartment or as an addition to gas storage if the demands on hot water in the household are high or there is a room requiring hot water which is some distance away from the gas storage unit. 

The Plumbing and Gas Heroes are the experts in Perth when it comes to recommending and installing new gas hot water system heaters. Our team can advise you on what would be most suitable for your homes needs and supply you with an ideal model from trusted manufacturers such as: Rheem, Rinnai, Vulcan, Bosch and more.

You can contact our friendly staff to discuss, repair or install your Perth Gas Hot Water System

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Frequently Asked Questions

The sun has an untapped amount of energy we can use to heat homes and have hot water. By using solar panels located on the property, usually the roof, that energy is captured and directed towards the hot water system in your home or business. Through solar panels, heat from the sun is trapped and retained through the greenhouse effect, and then transferred to a liquid that is run through pipes in the home and on the property.

Gas is used to create combustion that then heats up air. This hot air – or gas – is then pushed through piping to heat hot water in either a tank or tankless water heater. This water is then used for the running hot water of your home or business or it also could be used to heat your home through radiant heating. Gas hot water plumbing could be an effective and even energy-efficient heating source. It can also be environmentally safe if you use renewable or alternative oil fuel.

There are two types of electric hot water appliances that heat water electrically – storage or instantaneous. In either case it could be a number of reasons as to why you’re not able to get any hot water running when you have electric hot water plumbing.

  • Your water heater’s electric heating element is broken or needs repair. This is a fairly simple and small project for any plumber to help you fix, especially if you’re unfamiliar with how an electric hot water heater works.


  • There could be a problem with the thermostat – the way your hot water heater monitors the temperature of the water. Again, an expert plumber is going to look for and test this theory. Once it’s determined that this is indeed your problem, they will swap out the thermostat and ensure your water is heating properly before leaving.


  • A leaking tank or pipe could also cause you to have no hot water or lessen the amount of hot water you can use until it runs out completely. In this case, our professional team will locate the pipe and detect the leak. They will also inspect the water tank to ensure there are no problems contributing to lack of water due to the tank – like debris or a crack.

We have a wide variety of hot water systems on offer. We’re capable of helping you pick the best option for you and your household. Some of the systems we have on offer include:

  • Rinnai
  • Rheem
  • Bosch
  • Dux
  • Vulcan
  • Solor Gain
  • Wilson
  • Steble Eletron

The above, high quality, listed units are both cost-effective and space-effective. Furthermore, warranty is available on all work carried out by us. Offering you peace of mind in the unlikely event that further issues arise.

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