Whether you’re renovating your bathroom and shower or in need of repairs, it’s best to call in an expert plumber like the Plumbing and Gas Heroes to help you avoid costly damage. During renovations if you damage a pipe by mistake, you could cause it to leak or worse, you could have a burst pipe. Any weak pipe could result in a leak that could ruin your planned renovations. Furthermore, a leaking shower could mean a costly water bill. However, you can avoid this or minimize your risks by calling us!

 Call The Plumbing and Gas Heroes for bathroom plumbing

The Plumbing and Gas Heroes offers all the bathroom plumbing services Perth residents could possibly need. From emergency services like fixing burst or leaking pipes, to simple and small projects like unclogging blocked drains, we have highly trained experts that will make sure your bathroom and shower remain in good operating condition.

If your toilet is clogged due to a blockage in the pipe, we will send an expert plumber to fix it anytime and anywhere in the Perth area. Our professional plumbing services can be your solution to any plumbing problem. Furthermore, not only do we have experts in residential plumbing, we can also repair and maintain commercial plumbing.

Experts in water leak detection in showers

There usually very few common reasons for a shower leak. If there is movement in the building, it causes the grout to crack and leak between the shower floor and wall. The grout may also break down over time or become porous due to being old. We specialize in affordable shower leak repairs in Perth. We repair damages caused due to a leaking shower, cracked tiles needing removal or repair, shower screen replacement and removing any mouldy accumulation around the shower area due to the leaks.

Do you see signs of shower leaks?

Mouldy patches around the ceiling of the shower? Cracked or damaged tiles around the shower area or related ceilings? Smell of dampness in the rooms around the shower area? Almost all such leaks are in the shower floor area. If the problem isn’t taken care of, the damage will spread. This can also attract white ants due to moist timbers. The timber floors may bloat up causing a constant damp smell in the house. Any of these problems can be a warning sign of water causing damage to the structure of your house and possibly to the health of your family. Do not ignore these signs and let them develop into a major problem, call the Plumbing and Gas Heroes today. We are an expert in conducting leaking shower repairs in Perth.

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