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Check for leaking gas in your home

Have you noticed additional dollars being charged on your gas bills but have not increased the use of gas in your home? Undetected gas leaks are often the cause of these additional charges and pose a serious risk in the household.

Protect your home and family by preventing accidents resulting from gas leaks in the home. Book your gas leak check with us today to minimise the risk and identify long term savings. TPGH are trained and equipped to detect and fix gas leaks making it a safer environment for you and those around you.

Regular drain repair and cleaning are crucial to maintaining the condition and performance of drains and sewer lines. Over time, the build-up of dirt, grime and general waste may take its toll, many people tend to adopt various methods to eliminate drainage problems which often result in further damage to the plumbing system.

Drain cleaning chemicals usually tempt people to try the “Simple” way to clear a blocked drain. The chemical content in some of these products can be quite harsh and may cause the pipes to deteriorate and instead of clearing the blockage, they are worsening the situation.

If you’ve been experiencing a slow drain, chances are it’s blocked. Contact us today and we will get rid of the problem once and for all.

Sputtering taps and showers
Do you sometimes find erratic water pressure when you first turn on the shower or hot water tap? This can be a sign that your hot water system service is over due. In particular, storage hot water systems that have an anode inside them, have to be changed periodically to protect the cylinder from rusting and to keep  it within warranty. Check the last time it was replaced this should be around 5/7 years depending where you live as the water quality can be more aggressive in different areas around Perth.
The Plumbing and Gas Heroes services all kinds of hot water systems around the Perth Metropolitan area and can advise when this should be done along with other protective valves that have to be replaced as stated by the manufacturer. This can prevent the hot water system from bursting making it irreplaceable and a new system required. We will not mislead you and cause you to throw good money after bad. And our advice will be honest in telling you whether its worth carrying out a service or to replace the hot water system.
Don’t hesitate to call us.
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Check for burst pipes or leaks
This is such a common occurrence in house holds that you dont realise how much water is wasted from leaking toilets to burst pipes in the walls or ground.
If your toilet makes a constant hissing noise or has water running into the bottom of the bowl. This can be a problem with the mechanics of the toilet and will require a quick service to solve this. TPGH has a fully stocked van to repair such issues first time round saving you money and time, and getting a good night sleep.
If you hear a water running like sound this could be from a burst pipe in the ground that you can not see. A quick check before you call us to confirm this is by locating the water meter and checking the dails if they are moving. Call us and we can locate and repair this. Unfortunately this can be a very time consuming. We will always keep our customers informed with the progress on such matters.