How to stop a leaking pipe

How to stop a leaking pipe under the sink.

How to stop leaking pipe under the sink? First check to see if you can see water dripping then put a cloth or bucket under the leak (and put towls around it to keep floor dry). There may just be a damp smell our you can see damage to the cupboard.  Just because you cant see it dose not mean the problem will just go away. It could be a pipe in the wall or the seals around the sink that need to be replaced.

Second is turn off the water supply to prevent further flooding and waste of water. Third is call a plumber to solve the problem right away. Fixing leaky pipes can be messy and laborious. Which is why it’s advisable to let a professional to do the job.

How to turn off the water supply

Locate the main shutoff valve. It’s often located near the main water pipe which leads into your home. It could be inside or outside of the home depending on your house construction. The main shutoff valve looks like a handle which you can turn a clockwise or counter-clockwise.

It’s recommended to do it gently to prevent breakage of the handle. If it’s stiff (especially during winter and spring), it’s good to apply more force. But put on a glove so you can have a stronger grip. It’s also good to go back to check the faucets to ensure water shutdown.

Call a plumber

Next is call an emergency plumber right away. The Plumbing and Gas Heroes are emergency plumbers based in the Melville area and service Perth metro. A professional plumber can immediately.  Repair the leak and clean up the mess no matter the time of the day (including holidays, weekends and evenings).

A leaking pipe under the sink will be messy before, during and after the repair. The plumber should take care of the cleanup so you can get back to your sleep right away. Also even if it’s an emergency a verbal quote can be provided over the phone. So an upfront pricing, so there will be no surprises at the end (except a fast and excellent service).

Repair a leaking pipe under the sink Melivlle

Our experienced plumbers here at The Plumbing and Gas Heroes have already repaired hundreds of leaking pipes under kitchen sinks. We work fast and arrive on site promptly. No matter the time of the day, you can call us to fix your leaky pipes.