Blocked drains

Blocked drains and blocked pipes

Blocked drains can be inconvenient and happens at the worst times.  Electric drain cleaning is a great way to unclog any blocked drains or pipes. Overflowing water or sewer caused by a blocked drain or pipe is a nightmare to clean up. Furthermore, not only could the damage to the property be major and costly. A sewer or septic backup could be a health risk. However, our team of certified professional plumbers can clear your blocked drains effectively. So that you can minimize the damage and get back to a normal life.


Here are 3 ways to prevent any further damage to your property with standing water

You may not be first aware that you have an issue with a blocked or partially blocked drain. The first sign can be that it takes a while for the water to drain away.  Or you could be getting a bad smell. This could be raw sewage over spilling on to the path or garden.

This is very serious as all kinds of health issues can arise from raw sewage for your family and friends. It needs to be sorted fast.  Call us now on 0458 193 106

You may try some drain cleaning aids but usually it’s too late as these are  preventive rather than a cure. One of the main issues is tree roots that have entered the main sewer pipe. They can not be cleared without the use of speciality drain cleaning equipment.


1, Firstly you need have a look around the area where the standing water or over spilling water is. Then clear anything that may become damaged.

2, Advise people in the household that there is an issue with the drains, toilets etc. Depending on where the blockage is, some toilets or basins can still be used. If this isn’t the case put a “do not use” sign on the door or fixture. Letting people know not to use them until we arrive to resolve the problem.

3, Finally If you don’t want all of that, you can call us here at the Plumbing and Gas Heroes. We’ll take care of the mess before, during and after the job. We use powerful tools to remove solid clogs in kitchen sinks and shower drains.

Call now 0458 193 106 and we’ll provide you with affordable and upfront pricing.